Painting & Decoration: We are passionate about painting and ensuring each room is completed to the highest standard. Our services include painting, updating woodworks paint and varnish, changing fixtures and fittings and much more.

Tiling & Flooring: We provides a high value service on new installation for different types of flooring from tiles, wooden floor, laminated, vinyl and carpets. if you decided to redecorate your kitchen, bathroom or living space, we can assist you in the process with an interior designer.

Guttering & Roofing: We have over 20 years roofing experience and we create a sturdy and water tight roof, flat or slated with the guttering for the waste and rain water. Only the highest quality materials are used, to insure the clients are given peace of mind with our 20-year guarantee.

Kitchen & Bathroom installation: We are in partnership with Howdens for high quality kitchen at a very competitive price guaranteed, we also are partnered with MP Moran & Sons for the bathroom supplies of the sanitary units, always with high quality and competitive price.