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Home Electrical Projects You Can Totally Handle Yourself

Tackling electrical projects around the house can sound daunting if you’ve never tackled one before. But just because the job involves some wires, that doesn’t mean you need to call in the pros. Here are eight common electrical repairs and replacements that you can totally do yourself. No prior experience necessary.

Most of what we’ll discuss below involves replacing fixtures. If your repair goes beyond that (say, rewiring a breaker panel or wiring up a new spot in your home), please consult an electrician. Even if you think you have the skills to do the job, there are building codes involved and you often need a permit.

First, make sure the power is off

We’ll start with a safety note: When it comes to performing any electrical repairs, make sure the power is off. Safeguarding your safety is just that simple. If there’s no power, these repairs are not only doable, but completely safe.

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