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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

HandyHumans offers commercial construction services for a wide-range of project types and markets. We work with both private clients and agencies. More than 75% of our business is from repeat or referral clients — a testament to our client focused business values, high-quality construction standards and exceptional safety practices. We are proud to partner with some of the best agencies in London  such as Winkworth, gold winner of the British Property Awards 2020-2021 for letting agents in NW10.

Why did I receive such a large difference in prices for my project?

The simple answer is that you received different sets of products and services. Nowhere is the saying “you get what you pay for” more true than in construction. The lowball guys can be scary to have in your home and their subs can be worse. Another reason is your are comparing “apples to oranges”. Even a detailed set of working drawings and specs may not be identified from one contractor to another. There are truly many ways to adhere to the building code without maintaining the best interest for the customer. We find that most customers are comfortable with true value. We are very confident in our competitiveness and encourage cost planning that best adds the value you deserve.

How long should I expect my project to last?

The timeline for you project's completion will vary depending on the scale and complexity of your construction needs. We will work with you every step of the way to establish clear schedule expectations and a realistic timeline for completion.

Do you offer free estimates?

 Yes we do, 90% of our viewings are free of charge (exceptions do apply for certain inspections such as roof inspections, and electrical/gas investigations). Our friendly contact team will call to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment convenient with your schedule.

If there are increases in materials/labour costs, will you let me know immediately?

We provide accurate quotations which include the labour and supply of materials. We can also provide a quote for labour only if you wish to buy or source the materials yourself. Our estimators carefully work on each quote to ensure there are no overcharges. In case there are any additional unforeseen aspects which require extra costs, we will notify you immediately and we will not proceed with the job/charges until we receive your full cooperation and agreement. 

Will I be able to request or change things during the project?

Yes, if the modifications fit within the scope of the project. The request may require an additional fee and additional materials or time, but you will be notified of this before making the final approval of the modification. We are more than happy to accommodate any ideas/needs you might have. At HandyHumans we strive to give you the level of confidence and service that you deserve to complete your project in a timely manner.

Do you provide clean-up and debris removal upon completion of a job?

Yes we do. We make every effort to minimize the mess and debris during and after construction or renovation. We strive to make things as least disruptive to our customers as possible so that you may enjoy the process and its rewards. We also provide a builders clean on completion of our projects.

During construction, how often should I expect updates from you?

We will keep you frequently updated of the status of your project. We have our competent and friendly customer service staff ready to answer to any questions during normal business hours. We have an Operations/General Superintendent who coordinates the employees, the material deliveries and the subcontractors to meet overall schedules. We also have a Field Coordinator who works alongside the team and the owners and who can meet the clients regularly, to go through the project’s progress, to make material selections, and to discuss any changes or questions from the Project Owner. We will make every effort to respond to any reasonable request you might have during the length of the project.

Why should I hire this company for residential or commercial construction services?

We have the experience to provide all the services you need to plan, build and bring your construction dreams to reality. We also have an immense number of positive reviews and returning customers to back us up. For many years, we have been one of the preferred companies in the area because we complete all the construction/build projects on budget, time, and with fine craftsmanship. We have a friendly approach, a customer satisfaction-oriented business and an advanced method of working and managing every project. We work with numerous properties letting agencies who have continuously chosen us as their preferred construction company ever since we opened our doors.

How do you determine the end cost of the project?

First we work closely with every customer to clearly define their end goal, based on their priorities and unique needs. We also take guidance from them regarding the type of finish and materials they like so we can provide the best option, tailored to any specific needs and tastes. Once this stage is completed, we thoroughly calculate the materials and quantities needed and consult with our trusteed suppliers for any other specifics that might come with a project. A detailed and customized estimate is developed and sent, which gives the client the accurate project cost. This is far superior to bidding on speculation (something that many other businesses choose to do).

I have some general design ideas: can you help me determine which will work best for my situation?

Yes, this is what we do! You can go to our contact page and email us your project information or give us a call to set up a free of charge viewing. When our team member meets with you, they will discuss possible options and help guide you according to what is best for your situation.

How quickly can I book someone for a job?

You have an issue you need us to look at? You can either submit your request here, call us on 020 3998 3388 or email us directly at One of our friendly customer service specialists will get back to you and book a free viewing for our next available slot. Once we see the job, we will be thoroughly working on a quote for you. As soon as the quote is accepted we can send you available dates for the actual work to take place. We always do our best to accommodate you and book viewings/jobs accordingly with your availability and schedule.

How do I make a payment?

Once you accept a quote we will send an invoice for a 50% deposit (requirement on all jobs), you will have our bank details on the invoice and can pay us directly by bank transfer. We encourage bank transfer payments as there are no extra fees associated. We accept cash payments only on quotes over £100 and we charge a collection fee of £10 for such payments. Please do let us know your preferred way of paying before we quote for a job as there are additional charges associated with online credit card payments (service charge of 1,5 %).

How do I submit a complaint?

We strive to always provide the best service to our customers and ensure their happiness. We take pride in the quality of our workmanship, our team's experience and our overall customer-oriented business. However, there are some situations which are out of our control and can therefore affect your overall experience. If you find yourself unhappy with any aspect of our service, you can either emails us at or call us on 020 3998 3388. We will do our best to rectify any inconvenience and ensure nothing similar happens in the future. We encourage you to submit any complaint as it helps us grow, improve and understand what our clients require from our business.

How long does it take to generate a quote and how long is a quote valid for?

It can take anywhere from one day up to a week to generate a  quote, depending on the scope and length of the work. Generally, a quote is valid for a period of 3-4 months. However, sometimes quotes can be valid less than that if the markets are volatile or there are other aspects that can influence pricing (extra damage, more time/material requirements etc). Please make sure to discuss your concerns with one of our customer support specialist who can answer any question you might have regarding your project completion with HandyHumans.

Why do I have to pay deposit and how much do I have to pay?

A deposit serves as proof that you, the customer, are serious and committed to work with our company. The deposit also allows us to pay for the materials to start the agreed job. For works below £300 we require a full upfront payment. For anything over £300 we require a 50% deposit. On larger projects such as works over 50k, payments will be split in four stages: Demolition, Preparation, Installation and Decoration.


Having been in this business for many years, we know how important service levels are to our customers. Our friendly customer service team is there for you every step of the way. Any schedule updates are communicated automatically and everything runs like clockwork. 

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